Top 5 Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins

There is a difference between hating bad ads and hating bad ads. Despite what you may think, people like free content more than dislike ads. If ad blockers are not defeated, the concept of free information will disappear. Here are the Top 5 Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins.

Top 5 Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins
Top 5 Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins

Around the world, ad blockers are being used by 615 million devices. In 2016, ad blockers usage increased by 30%.

How do you deal with the fact that most of your blog readers and visitors use different adblockers? To help you lessen the effects of adblockers on your online advertising business, we have compiled a list of top anti-Adblock WordPress plugins.

1. Simple AdBlock Notice

Titles and messages of Adblock notes can both be customized with this antiadblock plugin. In addition to choosing the page where the message will appear, you can also display a sticky note to annoy the visitor and have them allow your site.

If you choose ‘Strict Mode,’ you will not be able to view the website until the adblocker is disabled and you are allowed. If you select this option, you will be unable to access WordPress until adblockers have not been detected. If you choose this option, you will be unable to access WordPress until adblockers have not been seen. If the pages you’re viewing don’t contain advertisements, you may also opt out of displaying the simple AdBlock notice.


2. AdBlocker Notify

With this plugin, your audience will be politely encouraged to turn off their adblocker. Using this plugin will enable your audience to disable adblockers if they are currently using them. This plugin detects if the user is using an adblocker. A targeted message can be displayed if they are using it.

3. Adzsafe

You can now gain complete control over your ads and receive the compensation you deserve with the anti-AdBlock plugin. When an ad blocker is installed on your browser, the plugin supports the loading of your ads. Changing advertising networks isn’t necessary for Adzsafe. You can continue using your original advertisement provider. It is still possible to use its service even if your website has not received enough visitors. A minimum amount of traffic is not required. Apart from these advantages, it does not let you share in ad revenue as other adblocking solutions do.

4. Block Adblock

Using this plugin can recover the revenue you lost due to ad blockers. The plugin is easy to use and install. There is the option to customize your message. There are several ways to display it. The application allows the user to display it in three ways: Sticky bar, Fullscreen, or popup. You won’t be able to show the content on your website until the user disables their adblocker in full-screen mode.

5. Ad blocking detector

The anti-AdBlock plugin lets you create a shortcode for communicating with users who block advertisements. If your visitors have an ad blocker enabled, you will be able to display alternate content to them. You can customize the message that you display to them. The content of your website will only be visible if your visitors disable adblockers on their devices.

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