How to Use Google Sheets to Track Amazon Prices

The prices of different items on Amazon might change every day. It will allow you to stay on top of these price changes with the help of an Excel spreadsheet. To use it, all that needs to be done is to populate the Google Spreadsheet with the relevant product links and set it up. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do this. Learn How to Use Google Sheets to Track Amazon Prices.

How to Use Google Sheets to Track Amazon Prices
How to Use Google Sheets to Track Amazon Prices

Creating an Amazon access key

Go to your Amazon Associates account and log in. Go to the Tools drop-down menu and select Product Advertising API. You are then prompted to choose to Manage Your Credentials under the Add Credentials section. Upon clicking the access ID key, you’ll see that Amazon has created both a secret and an access ID key for you.

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Create a Google Drive file from your spreadsheet

It is important to keep the spreadsheet layout the same since the price tracker may be affected if you change it now. Place the Amazon link for your product in the Column labelled A after the tracker has been uploaded. Google uses the Amazon link to monitor the changes in the price of that product based on the ASIN code, which is 10 digits long. A Google spreadsheet that allows you to track product prices will also include other valuable details about the product, such as the name of the merchant, the shipping cost, and overall product ranking.

Calculating Product Prices

 You can skip this step if you prefer. Within the price tracker, you may also enter price limits, meaning that we notify you by email every time a discount is applied to the product or a certain price is reached. It will allow you to get your hands on the product before anyone else does. To complete this step, go to column B and specify the price or percentage you want.

Set up the price tracking for Amazon

To configure the Amazon Price Tracker, you must select the Configure menu option from within the Google spreadsheets. The Amazon Price tracker script might need to be approved to connect to the Amazon API and send pending email alerts after. 

You will receive email notifications about the products you have added to the price tracker when you click configure. You will need to enter your Access ID, secret key, and Amazon email address. In conclusion, the Amazon price tracker is a very useful software that can also provide information on price changes for Kindle eBooks and products on Amazon websites that are specific to specific countries, including,, and It is quite useful in this manner.

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