How to Protect Your Internet and Wi-Fi

As I’ve mentioned in past articles, this is a topic I frequently write about. Because of the smart speakers with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Google Now built-in, I thought I would share some information about protecting and securing yourself. Learn How to Protect Your Internet and Wi-Fi.

How to Protect Your Internet and Wi-Fi
How to Protect Your Internet and Wi-Fi

It is crucial to note that all smart appliances must pass through some router before reaching your device. Your router will then provide you with connecting via hard wire or wirelessly. Wi-Fi is easier to use and available on more devices than hard-wired access, but it is more secure and faster. Regardless of which you choose, make sure you create a strong password for your router. Use the strongest security available, such as WPA/WPA2, on your Wi-Fi. It would also be wise to replace an outdated router with a new one if it is older than 5 years old. A new router will ensure you are using the latest software and hardware.

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Speakers with smart capabilities are commonplace in almost every home today. Amazon sold the most during the recent holiday season. It’s easy for them to play the music you like, and they get better at following your commands as time goes on. They can open and close the front door and manage your alarm system. Make sure you ask yourself how secure your front door will be before allowing Alexa, Siri, or Google to unlock it. Do they recognize your voice from the voice of someone unknown? Is it possible to lock your front door if you left the house and a stranger stood at your door and asked you to do so? Test your device before relying on it since voice recognition improves every day.

Do smart TVs track your viewing habits? The answer is yes. They can. I have written another article that explains how they do this and, more importantly, how you can stop it.

Is your house equipped with cameras? Almost everyone does. Think about how secure they are and how you prevent some smart actor from stealing them. A situation like that would be embarrassing for you.
Before purchasing a new smart device, you should carefully investigate how the device works and what personal information it collects. Then, you can lock down your network to secure the device. Disconnect a device from your home network if you are unsure of its status. Your router is the conduit for most of the devices in your home, so secure it!

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