How to Help Someone Get Sober

What are the chances of someone close to you abusing drugs or alcohol? Can you tell me if you’ve struggled to figure out how you can help that person become sober? Probably, you’ve been disappointed and realize that your efforts have not succeeded. It is due to some reasons. Learn How to Help Someone Get Sober.

How to Help Someone Get Sober
How to Help Someone Get Sober

Trying to get someone sober is impossible because they aren’t going to change. A drinker or addict is beyond your control. It would help if you avoided certain things to get them sober:

Do Not Nagging

Nagged, lectured, or explained won’t work. The drinker can use it as an excuse to claim you make him miserable to be around, which makes him drink. The drinker isn’t listening to your words, so you waste your energy. They’ve long since tuned you out. Drinking is much more appealing than even your best argument.

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Let’s not belittle each other

Your anger, frustration, fear, and disgust are overwhelming. Your contempt may occasionally overshadow your emotions. We all tend to want to lash out at someone who causes so many problems, and we should respect a person’s choice not to drink. Even losing respect for the drinker is possible when you are drunken. All of that should not be used as an excuse to belittle them since belittling them adds to their guilt and shame. An individual who drinks because of shame, guilt, and pain turns to alcohol as a way to cope.

Don’t Enable

Providing the means for an irresponsible individual to continue their behaviour is what enabling refers to. The drinker will remain intoxicated by paying for the alcohol, paying bills, calling into work, making excuses to others, picking up the mess, providing a ride home from bars, and paying for DUI expenses because nothing stops everything from running. There are no natural consequences associated with drinking.

Do not threaten

You’ve threatened the drinker many times to do things you haven’t done, so he doesn’t listen to what you say. Then you start lecturing and repeating the same things repeatedly, and you start getting tuned out. Wait until you have the courage and determination to follow through on the boundary you are setting before you threaten that you will do certain things under a particular circumstance.

Do not control others

Alcohol is not something you cause, you can’t cure it, and you cannot control it. Counting drinks, keeping an eye on the drinker, punishing the drinker, and doing everything possible to discourage drinking would seem reasonable. You can’t live your own life with it, and it only takes away your freedom.

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